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Prepare to meet your newest addiction...

A well-travelled, well-read woman with a unique manner piquing the interest of men from all   demographics. I reel them in with ease before effortlessly bring them to their knees! I spent many years in New York honing my craft and my passion deepened for the world of  BDSM

Don't let my petite stature fool you, I dominate in all aspects of  life; be it business or fitness I'm always the BOSS.  I have always understood the magnitude of my power, however as a woman I now possess the ability to have men merciless, drooling,  begging for my time captivated by my aura

Seconds in my presence and you'll be forever trapped in my web of torture and control. Addicted, helpless but finally with purpose

If you're new to this world looking to  explore with a safe & discreet Mistress I offer online sessions/tasks


 For real time beginners my intro sessions guide you through each fetish safely 

I'm approachable believing there is a time and place for the stern disciplinarian however I can equally put you at ease with a pre session chat to wash away those nerves.


I've taken many clients from their 1st to 100th session so I understand concerns over discretion and privacy.


I am a professional and operate from a private premises in Glasgow City Centre predominantly but can also accommodate sessions in the Gatwick area

Digest all important information on site!

It's your first test!!


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