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Encompassing the stricter side of my craft. The STERN element covers  all aspects of punishment for the novice right through to the callused long term slave

Corporal Punishment  (spanking, caning, floggers, paddles, tawse, slipper & more)

Set the scene with a delicious role play

Bondage (strict, sleep sack, caged, mummification, predicament, rope, silk scarves,)

Humiliation/Degredation (Verbal, physical, spitting, tasks, feminsation, cuck roleplay)  Coupled with my ability to create any character your heart desires. I can transport you to another world in our time together

Ball Busting - A truly powerful woman delivering blows that immobilise 

Interrogation - Find yourself captive at the hands of your Goddess. How long can you hold firm before giving up the secret code, password or potion. Not for the faint hearted

Intox - Drift in and out of a hazy blur as you're tightly bound, senses removed one by one. Fear and anticipation flood your body in a hit of sheer pleasure & pain

The Seductress

You belong to her in your entirety. The way she moves, her perfume, her glance, you're powerless. Outwith the confines of a dungeon you'd never be in her presence

Body Worship (clothed, bare feet, stockings)

Queening /Face Sitting - The rightful place of a Goddess (panties, tights, leggings)

Tied/Tease - A sensory journey, from trance like music to every nerve in your body heightened by the tools and tricks of  her trade. You'll find yourself helpless but in no hurry to escape

Role Play - The date with a dark twist, the aunt, the teacher nurturing with elements of seduction 

The Chameleon

A master of disguise. Creating elaborate role play characters that leave your head in a spin and transport you to another plane.

Get creative, leave the finer details to me


Incorporate many elements from simple foot worship to bondage and confinement. Do you dream of the strict boss discovering your sordid secret or the all powerful super hero, you're at her mercy, overpowered, a helpless fly in her web

The only limit is your imagination

Do you have a fantasy you long to bring to reality?

Tell me them all

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