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Booking Protocol

Q: Do you offer sex?

A: NO. I am not an escort. A professional Mistress does not offer sex or happy endings


Q: Will you come to my hotel?

A: NO - You can visit me at my chosen fully equipped premises. In Glasgow - Abstrakt Studios

Q: I tried to call to see you at 11pm and you didn't amswer

A: AGAIN. I am not an escort/prostitute. My sessions book way in advance. I am not for men looking to scratch an itch

Q: Can you wear a bra and panties when we session?

A: NO. If you're looking for a peep show I suggest a strip club

Q: Why do I need to pay a deposit? I'll turn up

A: My time is precious and appointments are planned in advance. The client who no shows robs a genuine client from space to serve. A deposit ensures my time is not wasted

Q: But I paid an online Domme and she scammed me?

A: An online Domme in many cases are not professional mistresses. 15 years experience has given me the knowledge that deposits are a must. 

Q: What if I can't make appointment?

A: With 48 hours notice I can reschedule. Cancellations same within 48 hours due to my travel schedule will forfeit deposit and session will be cancelled 

Q: Is deposit refundable?

A: No, much like any business a deposit is your commitment to booking/service. Deposits are non refundable. 

Q: Do you session naked?

A: No, absolutely not. I am a professional Domme, not a peep show for you

Be clear and concise in your initial contact. I cannot tell you the type of session you'll like. I do not respond to requests of "do whatever you like". While I cater to novice subs, you must have an idea of interests you'd like to explore

All bookings are subject to a 50% deposit - No exceptions! I do not accept cash deposits or meet in person to collect. I accept Bank Transfer or Cashapp

Your booking is not confirmed until deposit is received. Final balance must be paid within 24 hours of session time 

If 48 hours notice is given booking can be rescheduled once. 

Partial address will be given on receipt of deposit with full details provided following confirmation of your attendance on the day of booking

Do not loiter around entrance awaiting appointment time, be respectful of client confidentiality 

Client Reviews

I had noticed the gorgeous Miss K via Twitter then her website. I had missed her previous trips into London, but so glad i didn’t miss her in December. Setting up a session couldn’t be easier just follow her session protocol! I explained what type of session I like and my fetishes. Deposit paid and my session was set. The day of the session I was so nervous but once meeting MissK they did settle a bit. Miss k is absolutely beautiful,  she looked incredible so powerful, dominant her voice is mesmerising. She gave me some instructions and the session had begun. I asked for the session to involve some chokes, smothering, scissoring worshiping it had all that and more. I left Miss K in some sort of trance I think I’ve heard it called subspace. Cannot wait for my next session. Thank you Miss K

I have been having sessions with Mistress K since last June, 8 sessions so far. Mistress has an incredible look and presence combine that with the Dungeon (Abstrakt Studios)  She has years of experience so I know I am in safe hands, so it makes for an incredible experience I hope too have many more sessions with her, Kym

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