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GLASGOW -  AVAILABILITY - April 10th - 15th - 


I'm a highly experienced Mistress, training 15 years ago with the incredible Mistress Lilith at her Glasgow based premises. I have vast experience in male psychology, I don't play games so adherence to my clearly set out protocol is PARAMOUNT...


I describe my style as sensual with undertones of sadistic. I cater to the fetishist with all degrees of experience however, I'll happily session with the sporadict kinkster  provided they deliver the same level of respect as my true submissives. There are NO second chances

RESPECT is a non-negotiable no matter where you sit on the spectrum of interests

Your application is my initial insight into how you view this interaction, your email is not a guarantee of a meeting. As a powerful dominant force I hold strong boundaries which do not bend. I know the power I possess and the beauty that comes from an interaction with me.


I take true subs deep into space leaving them a little better than they were before and hopelessly addicted 

I feed off your nerves, your deep breaths, your skittish energy, it's a thrill to watch you go under & bring you back to the real world knowing you're already craving our next encounter

Email -

Whatsapp - 07402752852


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